Fran DeWine and Bill Lee at the DeWine Annual Ice Cream Social

Appointment of Jessica Wallace as the new Marion County Clerk of Courts



"The Marion County Republican Central Committee is pleased to announce the Appointment of Jessica Wallace as the new Marion County Clerk of Courts. She will be leaving her current position as assistant chief deputy clerk and assistant fiscal administrator at Marion County Family Court, for Judge Robert Fragale and Judge Deborah Alspach. Jessica was chosen from a field of 14 very qualified applicants. GOP Central committee members reviewed resumes and interviewed applicants over a 4 day period.. To maintain consistency, members refrained from asking applicants any questions. Each applicant answered identically prepared questions from the moderator and had the opportunity to share information with the membership. The Central Committee met in special session on October 25th, where the entire process was reviewed and concluded that the election would be held on October 30th, 2018 with the public invited to observe the vote. Then, after 4 rounds of voting, Jessica won the majority of votes and was selected for the appointment. The local GOP is confident that the public will be welcoming as she transitions into her new position."